ADBA National Conference 2012

AD: SAFEGUARDING TOMORROW’S FOOD AND ENERGY SECURITY                                                                         

One Great George Street, Westminster

Focusing on the growth of AD in a deficit-constrained economy, ADBA’s National Conference 2012 featured key speakers from the finance, food, local authority, farming and transport industries to make the case for AD in their industry in front of government representatives and other key decision makers.

A big thank you to all speakers, exhibitors and delegates at the ADBA National Conference 2012!

We will send you a link to all presentations shortly.

The key topics were

  • The value of AD to the UK: job creation, energy security, food security, air quality, climate change
  • AD’s role in climate-smart farming
  • DEBATE: Making the most of limited resources: delivering the ‘huge increase’ in a deficit constrained economy
  • Gas to Grid + Green Gas Trading
  • Why does the market not value digestate properly?
  • Transport
  • What is the value of our food waste?

ADBA’s Conference provided comprehensive and informative sessions delivered by a select group of industry-leading speakers. Unlike many other industry events, I was pleasantly surprised by the relevance of the content which was focused, accurate and provided delegates with critical hands-on information.

Falah Mousa, Head of Business Development (UK), E.ON Bioerdgas GmbH on the ADBA National Conference 2011