ADBA Research & Innovation Forum 2016

University of York, York, YO10 5DD, United Kingdom

‘World class researchers building a world class AD industry’

The ADBA Research & Innovation 2016, now in its sixth year, is the only event of its kind that brings you together with the AD industry, academia and the public sector all under one roof.

The average UK FTSE-100 manufacturing company spends 5% of its turnover on research and innovation to keep them ahead of the competition. Attending this event is your chance to find out how AD research can keep your business ahead of the competition.
The ADBA R&I Forum is only event looking into how research and innovation can benefit AD businesses by future-proofing and diversifying their revenue streams, identifying opportunities to improve performance and reduce costs; with key insights into AD industry.
Attended by over 100 AD leaders, this year's Forum is your chance to find out what research will transform the AD sector in the next five years as subsidies decrease, and efficiency gains are placed at the heart of all AD operation. The forum will include a world class line-up of 22 researchers and innovators, with over 80 peer-reviewed journal articles published between them.
The programme will include an exciting mix that will bring together leading academics, industry decision makers and the public sector. Highlighting the next opportunities for transforming the AD industry, can you afford not to be there?  
Meet pioneering innovators in identifying further areas for deployment within AD and hear from world class academics on cuting-edge research in understanding how existing R&D can support industry. 
With government studies highlighting the link between academia and industry as vital to business and economic growth, this event will be key to the success of your business and the AD industry.

Can you really afford to miss this opportunity? 


How can R&I help increase revenue for your business?

  • Whether tank digestion can ever beat cow digestion?
  • How can the industry generate £100K per year in digestate sales? 
  • How can the industry reduce costs and increase upgrading? and be more strategic in the AD sector?
  • Network with leading researchers, innovators and industry figures 
R&I is the best place to stay ahead of the competition - gain inside knowledge into the latest emerging AD technologies.

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

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R&I Forum 2016 in brief




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