AD site tour



UK AD & Biogas 2014 AD site tour

As part of UK AD & Biogas 2014, we offered a site tour to Barrett’s Mill Anaerobic Digester (BMAD) on Tuesday 1 July. The tour provided attendees with a valuable and informative insight into an innovative working AD plant.

BMAD is a 7kW AD plant located in Ludlow, Shropshire close to the Evergreen Gas offices. It was constructed in summer 2012 to demonstrate the new Evergreen Gas design and to act as a training R&D tool.

About the BMAD plant

The plant has been up and running since 2013, digesting a diet of locally sourced farm by-products and co-products in its 49m3 digester.

Evergreen Gas is also the exclusive distributor of Biogas for Transport (BfT) upgrade units manufactured by specialist Finnish technology provider Metener Ltd. At BMAD we will be able to see the only such unit in operation in the country. It is attached to the small on-farm biogas plant. With a raw biogas inlet rate of 10m3/hr, this upgrade plant produces enough fuel to drive a 2-litre vehicle engine approximatively 900 miles.