UK AD & Biogas 2014 sponsors

At UK AD & Biogas 2014 we offer a number of excellent sponsorship and advertising packages. Find out more about 2014’s sponsors here:

Conference Sponsor: Imtech

ImtechImtech Water, Waste and Energy – an engineering and construction management contractor dedicated to providing value-added services on a wide range of water, biosolids, waste-to-energy and biomass projects – returns again this year to exhibit at UK AD & Biogas 2014 (stand E089). In addition, the company has taken the decision to sponsor the Conference.

Imtech has an unrivalled track record in developing award-winning, environmentally sustainable solutions and is the leading delivery partner for major AD projects in the UK.  One of its most recent contract awards is with Tamar Energy to build a 3MWe anaerobic digestion plant at Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire.  The plant will convert 66,000 tpa of unavoidable food wastes to around 3 MWe of renewable electricity each year.  This is enough to power 6,000 homes.  It will also produce 18,000 tpa of renewable fertiliser material.

Imtech is excited to be exhibiting at and sponsoring this year’s UK AD & Biogas and will be focusing on four principal aspects of waste and energy at this show.  These are biogas upgrading, anaerobic digestion of source segregated organic waste (SSOW), anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste (MSW) and the digestion of sewage.

With a number of completed anaerobic digestion projects behind it, Imtech is one of the leading companies in anaerobic digestion and advanced anaerobic digestion.  There is a multitude of successful profiles of AD projects in the water industry, and examples of anaerobic digestion of SSOW includes the Poplars AD project for Biffa and the current Hoddesdon AD project for Tamar Energy.  The project at Wakefield for Shanks is a demonstration of anaerobic digestion of MSW.  The AD facility forms part of a planned waste treatment park at South Kirkby near Wakefield, which will receive and treat up to 230,000 tonnes per year of the Authority’s waste. Once completed, the 65,000 tonnes per annum AD plant will produce biogas for renewable energy generation, which is estimated to be able to power approximately 3,000 homes.

With the imminent completion of a project at Minworth, Severn Trent Water’s largest sewage treatment works, the company has an excellent example of the benefits of biogas upgrading and is taking Advanced AD to the next level, with Biomethane Gas-to-Grid.  Once complete, the new plant will take approximately 1200 m³/hour of the biogas and remove carbon dioxide and trace contaminants, to produce biomethane (97 –98% methane).  The remaining biogas will still be processed through existing CHP units, to generate electricity and heat for use within the wastewater treatment process, with excesses upgraded gas exported off-site to the national grid.

Capital investment into this Biomethane Gas-to-Grid plant is economically attractive, following the introduction of the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.  It has an anticipated three year payback period.  When complete and combined with the existing CHP plant, it will ensure that the Minworth treatment site is energy self-sufficient, with increased income.

For further information on how Imtech can help you, please visit stand E089 at UK AD & Biogas 2014 or contact Kevin Clarke, Business Development Manager on 01543 496600 or kevin.clarke@imtech.co.uk

More information can be found on Imtech’s member directory profile and on Imtech’s website.

Seminar Sponsor: Evonik Industries

Evonik_45Ð99mm_Off_CMYKEvonik Industries is one of the world’s leading producers of specialty chemicals, with over forty years of experience in polymer chemistry, and operations in over 100 countries throughout the world. They offer hollow-fiber membrane cartridges and modules for efficient, energy-saving biogas upgrading.

Evonik Industries’ membrane-based biogas upgrading method results in unusually high plant availability, extremely low energy demand, and low maintenance costs. In addition, upgrading does not generate any waste or emissions, nor does it require any auxiliaries. All of these benefits serve directly to keep costs down. Plus, the flexibility of the method makes membrane technology applicable to small- and to large-scale systems alike.

More information can be found on Evonik Industries’ website.

Seminar sponsor: Inenco


Understanding energy is at the heart of everything we do at the Inenco Group. Our award-winning support and experience spans over 100 years! What makes us different is our track record in pioneering innovative products and services, combined with excellent customer care provided by our expert energy consultants.

Inenco’s service delivery teams are sector specific, so that you always work with people who understand the opportunities and challenges your business faces now and in the future. We see this as an essential part of working together successfully.

Our investment in people and systems help us to move quickly from problems to solutions and demonstrates our commitment to training and leading edge technology.

The latest Inenco product offering is our innovative Renewable Power Portfolio (RPP), a new management solution that can offer you expert support for all of your non-intermittent generation technologies. Whether you operate anaerobic digestion, use energy from waste or from biomass, you will have access to a fully flexible portfolio. This includes the management of your Renewable Obligations Certificates (ROCs) or Feed-in Tariffs (FiT).

Inenco works with all Renewable Energy technologies including (but not limited to) Anaerobic Digestion, Wind, Solar PV, Biomass, Hydro and Bio-methane.

We have a strong network of clients in the Renewable Energy sector including suppliers, developers, project funders, installers, landowners and legal advisors; we also work with all generation technologies. Choosing Inenco for all of your RE needs will grant you access to our vast network of partners and suppliers, as well as a great deal of knowledge, via our skilled and experienced energy experts!

Alongside our engineering division NIFES, Inenco’s Renewable Energy capabilities additionally cover Feasibility Studies, Ofgem and RHI accreditations, PPA placement/management and UK-wide energy policy.

We have worked closely with several large organisations in the careful development of our brand new Renewable Energy strategies, so you can be assured that that Inenco’s REP will save you both time and money.

Inenco is run in an honest and responsible manner, as we recognise this as a key to our success. Our commitment to the environment is also without question; our employee-led Green Team drives initiatives in energy efficiency, sustainability and recycling across our Group and we also support a number of environmental charities.

Inenco truly understands that you want to focus on running your business, knowing that your energy requirements are in expert hands makes us the ideal partner for you.

Our specialist knowledge, expertise and passion for what we do, delivered by our dedicated energy consultants, will help your business to become part of the low carbon economy and face the future with confidence.

More information can be found on Inenco’s member directory profile and on Inenco’s website.

Café Sponsor: Edina UK

Edina LogoAs sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for MWM engines, Edina Group is a market leading supplier of power Edina has provided generation for the AD market nationwide and overseas, from numerous 500kWe agricultural and commercial waste plants, to 6MWe – the largest Waste Anaerobic Digestion plant in the UK.    generation equipment to Waste and Anaerobic Digestion plants, Combined Heat and Power applications and all other forms of power generation fuelled by gas.

Turnkey solutions are optional. Constructed by Edina in the UK, the containerised generating engines are the result of 30 years’ experience, guaranteeing maximum operational availability.

More information can be found on Edina UK’s member directory profile and on Edina’s website.

Supporting Sponsor: Huber Technology

HuberHuber Technology is a leading manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel solid/liquid separation equipment, offering a wide range of products for enhancing the anaerobic digestion process.

Products are used either up stream of the digester for screening, washing of oversized material and removal of grit and glass, as well as post digestion for plastics removal, dewatering and digestate screening.

The Huber products used are based on the well proven municipal range, but engineered to suit the conditions and applications required in the AD process.

More information can be found on Huber’s member directory profile and on Huber’s website.

Supporting Sponsor: Tamar Energy


Tamar Energy is a renewable energy business with a focus on anaerobic digestion (AD). We are building a UK-wide network of AD plants, to produce 100MW of renewable energy - enough to power more than 200,000 homes.

AD tackles two problems; energy generation and organic waste management. Our ambitious programme is underway with the first wave of plants in Basingstoke, Hampshire; Halstead, Essex; Holbeach, Lincolnshire and Retford, Nottinghamshire.

Established in 2012, Tamar Energy is backed by shareholders including The Duchy of Cornwall, Rothschild Investment Trust RIT Capital Partners plc, Fajr Capital and Sainsbury’s, which is also our strategic operating partner.

More information can be found on Tamar Energy’s member directory profile and on Tamar’s website.

Supporting Sponsor: Vogelsang


Vogelsang are suppliers of Rotary Lobe pumps, inline RotaCutTM macerators, X-Ripper shredders and the QuickMixTM and EnergyJetTM digester feed systems for use in farmyard, food waste and sewage based BioGas plants. They have a substantial installation base of equipment in the UK that has been supplied through an acknowledged technology provider or on a direct sales basis. Vogelsang also offer tanker or tractor mounted dribble bar systems for the application of digestate back onto the land as a biofertiliser. Vogelsang support and service their installations through their facility in Crewe, where they maintain a comprehensive stock of first line spares.

More information can be found on Vogelsang’s member directory profile and on Vogelsang’s website.

Supporting Sponsor: Leengate Valves


Leengate Valves is the UK’s market leading valve wholesaler and we’re proud to be The Distributor’s Distributor. We work with manufacturers and suppliers from across the globe and our capacity for stock holding gives unparalleled turn-around times, with the vast majority of our products available for next day delivery (even actuated assemblies). Our experienced Sales Team can assist with the most detailed of enquiry and provide supporting data to help find the most suitable product for your needs including WRAS Approved, EN331 Gas Approved and Fire-safe Valves. Leengate Valves are a member of ADBA, a member of BVAA and an FPAL approved supplier.

More information can be found on Leengate Vales’ member directory profile and on Leengate Valves’ website.

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