Green Seminar Day 1

Green Seminar Day 1 (2nd July)

Advancing AD in the water sector

Ken Shapland, Business Strategy Advisor, Aqua Enviro

Sven Krafft, Environmental Engineer, Schwarting Biosystem GmbH

Keith Panter, International Consultant, Cambi

Getting food waste collection and treatment right

Adam Baisley, Commercial Director, Olleco

Brian Mayne, Regional Director (Wales) Resource Efficiency & Wastes Management, Ricardo-AEA

Keith Riley, Chief Executive, Energy Gap Ltd

Ellie Parr, Process Design Engineer, UTS Biogas Ltd

Tony Clutten, Process Sales Manager, Huber Technology

How pre-treatment can improve performance

Merten von Frieling, Sales Manager, Western Europe, MT-Energie

Walter Danner, Director, Snow Leopard Projects

Sonja Wiesgickl, Dipl.-Ing.(FH), Fraunhofer UMSICHT - Institute Branch Sulzbach-Rosenberg

Jorgen Fink, Country Manager, Xergi Ltd

Amaya Arias-Garcia, Head of Technology, Tamar Energy

Lunch Break

Doing AD well - avoiding problems in construction and operation

Kim Mynard, Senior Consultant (Environmental Permitting), GP Planning

Tony Wilson, Director of Business Development, Constuction & Engineering, Tamar Energy

Dr David O'Malley, Technical Innovation Manager, Imtech

Training & Safety

Terence Brownhill, Business Development Manager, PROjEN

Kevin Thrower, Account Manager, Cogent SSC

Ray Burberry, Qualifications Manager, WAMITAB

Amaya Arias-Garcia, Head of Technology, Tamar Energy

Technology to improve operational performance

Andreas Weger, M.Eng, Fraunhofer UMSICHT

Dr Sandra Esteves, Director of the Wales Centre of Excellence for Anaerobic Digestion, USW

Andy Bull, Head of Regional Strategy & Planning, Severn Wye Energy Agency

James Tolson, Managing Director, Vogelsang

Michael V. Thompson, Director, RARE Associates