Purple Seminar Day 2

Purple Seminar Day 2 (3rd July)

Biogas upgrading: what are your options?

If you are interested in finding out more about biogas upgrading, check out our upcoming UK Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Confernce.

Lars Evert-Karlsson, Global Product Line Manager, Purac puregas Ltd

Yannick Rouaud, Sales Engineer, Air Liquide

Jon Harris, UK Manager, Malmberg Ltd

Niels den Heijer, Product Manager Biogas & CO2 Systems, Pentair Haffmans

Maximising the value of biomethane

If you are interested in finding out more about biomethane, check out our upcoming UK Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Confernce.

Robert Luke, Business Development Manager - Energy & Ancillary Services, Total Gas & Power

Grant Ashton, Chief Executive Officer, Green Gas Trading Ltd

Steven Verhaar, Consultant/Project Manager, Royal HaskoningDHV

Dominic Scholfield, Managing Director, Mint Green Sustainability

Complying with sustainability criteria

Paul Adams, Director, Synertree Ltd

William Mezzullo, Associate Director, Project Development, Future Biogas Ltd

Lunch break

Monitoring and improving digester performance

Les Gornall, Process Consultant, PROjEN

Dr Thomas Fritz, Project Manager, Schaumann BioEnergy

Tim Elsome, Business Development Manager, FM BioEnergy

Dr Sandra Esteves, Director of the Wales Centre of Excellence for Anaerobic Digestion, USW

How can you make small scale AD viable?

Philip Hobbs, Director, New Generation Biogas

Arturo Castillo-Castillo, Research Associate, Imperial College London