Edina Group: Headline sponsor

As the sole official distributor in the UK and Ireland for the MWM engine range, Edina Group is a market leading supplier of power generation equipment to Waste and Anaerobic Digestion plants, Combined Heat and Power applications and all other forms of power generation using gas as the fuel.

MWM is the world’s oldest manufacturer of gas powered generating engines and has a proven track record for class leading electrical efficiency and reliability. Edina supplies the UK, Ireland and Australasia.

Over the past few years Edina has had a major success in the AD market with generation supplied to plants across the country.  These have ranged in size from numerous 500kWe agricultural and commercial waste plants to 6MWe for the largest Waste Anaerobic Digestion plant in the UK.  On biogas alone over 70MWe of MWM generation has been installed by Edina in the past 3 years.  

Edina supplies not only containerised generation plant but complete turnkey systems including design service, gas pre-treatment, steam generation and electrical connection. 

The containerised generating engines are as a direct result of 25 years of operational experience guaranteeing maximum operational availability and are constructed at Edina’s own manufacturing facility in the UK. The high quality and well attended events hosted by ADBA give the opportunity to demonstrate the high standards and bespoke service which Edina delivers through dedicated staff, who design, build, install and maintain the generation sets.

All installations and equipment meet and exceed current UK gas industry standards, UK Health and Safety and CDM regulations.  On-going full Operation and Maintenance support is included with a minimum 8000 hour per year availability guarantee. Our service is comprehensive and all inclusive, and its cover exceeds many industry standard service agreements.

The positive approach of working closely with the client and other suppliers has led to the seamless installation of equipment, from 400kWe to 2MWe.  The most advantageous solution is provided to maximise FIT’s and ROCs and to complement existing farm operations. We are delighted to report that many of our clients are repeat ordering thanks to the price and service offered.

As a founding member of ADBA and a keen supporter of its associated events, Edina has benefited by an increased company profile at home and abroad.  The co-ordination of focus groups and research projects has enabled the anaerobic digestion and biogas sector to reach a wider audience and collaborate with other interested parties. A concentrated approach is vital in putting forward member’s views and experience and to present where possible a united front to policy and decision makers affecting the future of the industry.

The growth of the business in recent years, and the significant contribution to the AD industry with the supply of Edina’s containerised sets, was rewarded this year by an award from ADBA and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in the Innovation category.

For more information please contact:

Edina UK

Unit 12/13 Rugby Park

Bletchley Road




Tel: 0161 432 8833



Evonik Industries AG: Conference sponsor

Energy efficient biogas upgrading with Sepuran® Green: Evonik Industries is one of the world’s leading producers of specialty chemicals, with over forty years of experience in polymer chemistry, and operations in over 100 countries throughout the world. We offer hollow-fiber membrane cartridges for efficient, energy-saving biogas upgrading.

Our membrane technology: offering you every advantage for small- and large-scale system applications: Evonik’s membrane-based biogas upgrading method results in unusually high plant availability, extremely low energy demand, and low maintenance costs. In addition, upgrading does not generate any waste or emissions, nor does it require any auxiliaries (such as water or sorbents). All of these benefits serve directly to keep costs down. Plus, the tremendous flexibility of the method makes membrane technology applicable to small- and to large-scale systems alike. Yet another advantage of this technology is that it can be easily adapted to changeable flow rates and gas compositions.

Robust and selective: hollow-fiber membranes from Evonik:The process of separating gases through polymer membranes takes advantage of the fact that gas molecules differ both in their size and in their solubility within the polymer. Because CO2 molecules are smaller than methane molecules and dissolve more readily in the polymer, they diffuse through the membrane micropores considerably faster. This means that methane collects on the high-pressure side of the membrane, while water vapor, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and most of the CO2 pass through the membrane. Its high level of selectivity makes SEPURAN® Green especially suitable for separating CO2 and methane.

In just one step, our membrane molecules separate carbon dioxide and methane far better than competing membranes, offering the highest CO2/CH4 selectivity on the market. As a result, our membranes can be used for purifying the methane in raw gas to over 99 percent, thus generating waste gas containing less than 0.5 percent methane. This means that nearly all of the methane obtained from fermentation is of biomethane quality. An innovative concept for connecting individual membrane elements is a key factor for the success of a biogas plant. Evonik has developed a method (patent pending) of purifying biogas and injecting it into the natural gas grid in a single condensation step.

Our references: The number of biogas facilities using SEPURAN® Green has been growing continuously since 2012, with plants already operating in Germany, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Thailand, and China. Implementation is also underway at other plants in Norway, Netherlands, Korea, and the U.S., for instance.

Chevron: Green seminar sponsor

Chevron Lubricants provides advanced products for Industrial, Commercial, and Consumer applications. Around the world, our Chevron, Caltex and Texaco brands are recognised for a legacy of technological innovation, performance, and reliability.

Across the power generation industry - from hydroelectric operations, through gas and coal fired systems, to wind power - safety and dependability are key. Texaco lubricants are formulated to offer twenty-four hour a day operational reliability, system performance and protection. Our many years of experience in the industry mean we are able to offer a range of customisable services designed to optimise commercial advantage through equipment efficiency and protection.

Products and Services

HDAX Gas engine lubricants

Gas engine reliability can be key to business profitability and success. Texaco advanced technology gas engine lubricants are consolidated under the Chevron HDAX brand of highly resilient Group II base oil formulations.  HDAX products are designed to offer high performance component protection with the oxidation stability and resistance required for reliable, low maintenance keep-clean engine performance and optimum system uptime.

HDAX Extended Life Coolant

HDAX Extended Life Coolant XLC is a high performance extended life engine coolant concentrate.  Fleet tested for in excess of 40,000 hours, HDAX Extended Life Coolant offers protection against freezing, boiling and cooling system corrosion including high temperature corrosion in modern aluminium engines.

HDAX Extended Life Coolant is an ethylene glycol based formulation and is designed with advanced non-depleting corrosion inhibitor technology, offering a long, low maintenance service life.


Oil analysis can play a central role in ensuring machinery and equipment runs to optimum levels with minimum downtime.

Chevron Lubricants offer a Europe-wide proprietary oil analysis programme, LubeWatch.  As well as identifying the lubricant-related needs of specific equipment, the online tracking system gives a clear picture of the changing environment within the equipment, allowing for precise scheduling of maintenance work and minimising the risk of unexpected down time.

RbL - Reliability based Lubrication

Chevron’s unique online RbL programme is designed to provide a structured and easy-to-follow method to improve customer’s lubrication programs.

RbL offers online access to a vast range of presentation materials, profitability calculators and detailed product information and has been developed over the last two-years by Chevron Lubricants sector experts.  By ensuring the correct alignment of products and understanding equipment usage, operating conditions and maintenance practices, RbL allows Chevron to maximise the value of the products it recommends as well as allowing customers to close lubrication program gaps.


Uponor: Purple seminar sponsor

Uponor pre-insulated pipe systems are reliable, high-quality products, not least proven by over 30 million metres of pipe already installed worldwide. They are the only choice for the economical transport of hot and cold fluids for domestic, commercial and agricultural applications.

Besides excellent insulating efficiency, our lightweight pre-insulated pipes offer flexibility, ease of installation and a service life in excess of 25 years. Uponor is a leading international provider of plumbing and radiant heating and cooling solutions for agricultural, residential and commercial building markets across Europe and North America.


Greenlane Biogas: Supporting sponsor

Greenlane Biogas is now the world’s only global manufacturer of biogas upgrading plant. 

All the models of upgrader in the current range use the water-wash method, requiring no heat and no chemicals. All are capable of operating efficiently within wide gas throughput bands. The process allows biogas from a variety of organic feedstocks to be successfully upgraded to biomethane fully compliant with grid injection criteria. 


Huber: Supporting sponsor

Huber Technology is a supplier of wastewater treatment equipment and offers a wide range of products for enhancing the AD process.

The company’s pre treatment technology can be used for screening, washing oversized material and removing grit and glass while its post digestion equipment is suitable for plastics removal, dewatering, digestate cleaning, and disposal treatment. Visitors can find Huber on stand B301 where they can learn more about the company’s ability to enhance the AD process. “Recognising that customers’ processes differ, we have a range of pilot plants available for demonstrating Huber Technology on different process streams”, comments Steve Morris Managing Director.


Triogen: Supporting sponsor

Triogen is a leading ORC manufacturer and supplier whose ORC converts heat from your AD process into money. This innovative technology that uses the heat from anaerobic digestion to create extra renewable electricity will soon become more common in biogas plants in the UK. Triogen's participation in last year's UK AD & Biogas 2014 had a great impact on opening the UK market for Triogen's ORC and therefore we are pleased to sponsor this major AD event.