PAS 110

Developed by WRAP, PAS 110 is a voluntary specification which aims to encourage the development of the digestate market by creating an industry specification against which producers can check that the digested materials are of consistent quality and fit for purpose. It sets out the minimum quality required for whole digestate, separated liquor and separated fibre which may be used as a fertilizer or soil improver.


The AD Quality Protocol, applicable in England and Wales, sets out criteria for the production of quality digestate from anaerobic digestion of material that is biodegradable waste, including the whole digestate, the separated fibre fraction and the separated liquor. Producers and users are not obliged to comply with the QP. If they do not, the quality digestate from AD will be considered to be waste and waste management controls will apply to its handling, transport and application. The ADQP is currently being reviewed by the Environment Agency.

Future of End of Waste

The European Union is currently considering the development of Europe-wide End of Waste criteria for biodegradable waste, including that treated through AD. If the Commission does decide to produce legal criteria, it would supersede UK regulation after a suitable period of transition.

ADBA members are regularly updated on the progress with the European proposals.