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Feedstock, sampling and digester health

26 November 2019

10:00am – 4:00pm

Lyceum, Crewe

Heath St, Crewe CW1 2DA

Improving the digester biology begins with understanding it: this comes from measuring, monitoring and accurately interpreting the sample results.  

This event will bring together specialists to learn from their experiences and share best practice. 

If you want to better understand the biology inside your digester, and how to monitor and influence it, then this is the event for you: 

It will address: 

Digester biology – looking at all the inputs that affect the health of the digester: understanding and optimising the biological activity within the digester to help maximise the output. AD is a biological process, yet the biology often takes a back seat to the mechanical and operational processes. The day will include measuring and monitoring biological activity by sampling, testing and interpeting results.

Also feedstock - planning, monitoring and controlling the feedstock, from field to clamp to digester, is the starting point, as biology is highly dependent on the inputs. We will consider the effects and impacts of varying feedstock levels, types and qualities. 

This event will look at the whole AD process from the perspective of Digester Biology: From managing and balancing feedstocks to monitoring and controlling biology. Testing, analysing and interpreting the biology alongside experimenting with additives to both feedstock and digester can produce impressive results.

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Planned Agenda 

10 am Registration, networking, tea/ coffee.

10:30 Welcome from ADBA.

10:35 Principals of crop-fed AD: An introduction and overview. Sam Hinton, Technical Support Manager, ADBA

10:55 Feedstock: Planning crops and feedstock, and how this impacts the biology in the digester and the digestate. Becky Greaves, Research Manager, Biogen.

11:30 Coffee/ tea and networking

11:50 Feedstock additives - crop treatments that can increase biogas yield and minimise storage losses. Michael Carpenter, Northern Regional Sales Manager, Kelvin Cave Ltd.

12:25 Lunch and networking

13:30 Sampling and interpreting samples. How, when and from where to take samples and how to understand the results. Tim Elsome, General Manager, FM Bioenergy

14:05 Digester health and the use and effects of additives in enhancing process performance: stabilising, recovery and improving yield. Dimitris Theodoridis, Operations Manager, Omex Environmental Limited.

14:40 Coffee/ tea and networking

15:00 Testing, balancing and blending feedstock: optimising digester performance by careful control of the feedstock. Dr Chris Rose,  Amur.

15:45 Close

It will include:

  • Planning the crops needed to provide suitable feedstock;
  • The value of proper clamp management;
  • Feedstock additives;
  • Food waste and co-digestion;
  • Testing and blending feedstocks;
  • Feeding the digester;
  • Monitoring digester health;
  • Trace Elements;
  • The constitution of the digestate;

And consider how each of these relates to the biology. We will also look at using the right additives, at the right times, to improve or recover the process.

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