Parliamentary Engagement

MPs tend to only be interested in matters which either fall within their direct policy remit or that affect their constituency – this makes member-led engagement vitally important in providing the foot through the door that will enable all of us to make a compelling case for AD’s role within a thriving green economy.

70% of AD plants and suppliers are represented by Conservative MPs and so we must remain mindful in our engagement with political representatives of the government’s current priorities - reducing the deficit, creating jobs and improving the cost-effectiveness of public spending. They key is ensuring that these MPs understand the full ROI offered by AD, and how recent policy decisions threaten your contribution to the local economy and job creation within their constituencies.   

Contact your MP:

Please enter your home/office/plant postcodes into this website to learn which constituency Members of Parliament represent you. 

When inviting your MP to visit your plant or site, use this MP briefing as a guide to our industry, including: current return on investment; the barriers preventing growth; and the huge contribution that AD could make with government support to reach its potential.

And remember - keep us updated so that we can support and follow up on your lobbying efforts with policy briefings and publicity.