Research & Development (R&D)

We aim to bring industry and academics together to innovate in the anaerobic digestion sector.
The UK has a world-leading research base in the AD and AD-related industries and this has acted as a catalyst to the sector in the UK's growth, helping to contribute to the AD industry today of having a value to the UK economy of £700m, including £50-£100m of exports. R&D is therefore key to the industry and ADBA supports this research.
Our main ways of doing this are:
  • At our annual R&D Forum and the R&D Hub at UK AD & Biogas - in which we bring together academia, industry and the public sector to disseminate the latest research and discuss the priority areas of R&D.
  • Dissemination of research through articles in our industry magazine and via our website and twitter page - we want to ensure that the AD industry is aware of all the latest research.
  • Making the case to Government of the importance of funding R&D in the AD sector.
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The following provide information on some of the areas we seek to inform members and the academic community of:
  • See list of funding opportunities here.
  • See dissemination of research here.
  • See all the latest news from the AD R&D world here.

AD Network

The Anaerobic Digestion Network is one of 13 Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBB)  that have been funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). Funds have been made available to support academic-business interactions and Proof of Concept studies.

IEA Biogas Task 37

The International Energy Agency Biogas Task 37 is a collaboration of Government, academics and industry to disseminate research and best practice on biogas. Its website has a range of excellently-written and concise descriptions of the research that has been undertaken in different areas of anaerobic digestion.

In particular, the reports site all the academic evidence in the area, so readers can determine where particular claims have been scientifically tested or not. 

Task 37 also has a newsletter that can be requested.

ADBA participates in the Task through its Board.