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Members Directory



Ejby Mosevej 5, Glostrup, 2600, Denmark
+45 69 13 40 79

Primary Category

Biogas Cleaning and Upgrading Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers


Ammongas A/S is a performing and consulting engineering company. We offer a range of environmental solutions for air/gas purification, odour removal, biogas upgrade and ammonia separation and distillation. If you have an extraordinary purification problem we are happy to provide solutions and consultation.

History and Background
With a background as a development engineer in ABB’s former air purification division, Anker Jacobsen in 1982 patented a stripper-absorber concept for the recovery of petrol from vapors that arise during tanker loading.

After an international success which included 25 plants in Sweden and a 10,000 m3/h facility on the Norwegian Sture terminal, Anker Jacobsen 20 years later started Ammongas A / S. The aim was to further utilize the stripper-absorber technology- for the recovery of ammonia from polluted air and water and CO2 from biogas.

This CO2 separation, “biogas upgrading”, has also shown to combine the industry’s highest efficiency and associated minimal methane losses, together with a very low power consumption.

Ammongas has also further developed the acquired skills in air purification and solvent recovery, among others based on Knud Væde Hansen’s lic. Studies on decomposition of hydrogen sulphide and other odoriferous substances in contaminated air.