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Members Directory


CaviMax Ltd

CaviMax Ltd, Lowbrook Farm, Belchalwell Blandford Forum
Dorset DT11 0EQ

Primary Category

AD equipment or plant supplier

Products & Services


CaviMax have an innovative and clever machine that harnesses the power of hydrodynamic cavitation. The E-PIC S.r.l ROTOCAV in the CaviMax makes all this possible by producing physical rotational forces that create hydrodynamic bubble collapse shockwaves. 

The shockwaves induced by a liquid moving from a high to low to high pressure environment, causes millions of microscopic bubbles to form and then collapse, creating tremendous localised pressures, which shear solid particles, break down cell walls and allow liquids to bind with solids, or gases to liquids. 

For the biogas industry this means that a substrate is created with a greater surface area, which is more readily available to be broken down by the anaerobic digestion bacteria, this in turn means more biogas...quicker.

CaviMax offer the following services to see how a CaviMax Biomass Disintegrator may best meet the requirements of your AD operation.

  • Consultation and meeting at your plant to assess your needs
  • Demonstration mobile CaviLab that we take to trade shows and bring onsite and hire out for your R&D trials - photo below
  • Analysis of a potential feedstock(s) you are interested in using - cavitation then BMP testing (biochemical methane potential) to guage biogas uplift
  • Floating layer test treatment with demonstration CaviLab
  • Quotation for CaviMax machine based upon your specific site requirements
  • ‘Try before you buy’ hire of the CaviMax machine
  • Installation, programming and calibration of CaviMax machine
  • Customer service and technical back up
  • Routine servicing of the CaviMax machine


CaviMax is the machine; controlled hydrodynamic cavitation is the means to maximising the potential of your biogas plant. By installing one in your plant you could increase your biogas yield by up to 20% and utilise previously unusable feedstocks.

Finally unlock the energy potential of straw, grass and high lignin feedstocks, secondary sewage sludges, food  waste streams, treat recalcitrant materials and troubleshoot problem floating layers.

This is a plug & play inline process intensification device – no additional chemicals needed, install and away you go.

Get more bang for your a CaviMax - Thats for the biogas industry, but wait...there's more

CaviMax Hydrodynamic Cavitation Technology - integrating the ROTOCAV reactor into your system to harness powerful cavitation forces. Cavitation's used to upscale these industries and productions RENEWABLE BIOGAS/ BIORESOURCE RECYCLING/ BIO EXTRACTIONS/ BIOFUELS/ FOOD & DRINK/ NUTRACEUTICALS/ ALCOHOL/ EDIBLE OILS/ EFFLUENT TREATMENT. Upscaling and valorising bioresources to enable economic competitiveness with fossil alternatives, see BIOMASS DISINTEGRATION - PROCESS INTENSIFICATION - CIRCULAR ECONOMY - DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY - SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY...Do more with less for ethical low carbon profit