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Toronto, Ontario

Primary Category

Pre-treatment of Feedstock Technology Manufacturers/Suppliers


Ecostrat is a North American leader in assessing, developing, optimizing, and managing biomass supply chains. We are comprised of two groups:

Biomass Supply Group:
Founded in 1997, our Biomass Supply Group is a North American leader in sourcing, aggregating and supplying various types of biomass, including: virgin wood residues, wood waste, food waste, and agricultural residues. Over 20+ years in the biomass industry, we have developed a deep understanding of the biomass supply value chain, from point of generation through to delivery of the final product and, as a result, are able to offer long-term, fixed-price supply contracts.

We currently move 400,000 tons of biomass on an annual basis within North America, servicing a wide range of markets, including: heat and power, chemical solidification, anaerobic digestion (“AD”), animal bedding, land application, soil amendment, compost, mulch, and wood pellet.

Biomass Advisory Group:
The Ecostrat Advisory Group is a leading North American advisory firm focused exclusively on assessing, validating and optimizing bio-based feedstock supply chains for projects across the following sectors: Biogas and Compost, Biomass Heat and Power, Biomaterials and Solid Fuels, Biofuels and Biochemicals.

Founded in 2008, our Biomass Advisory Group has prepared over 200 Biomass Supply Assessments and Market Studies for leading project developers, power utilities, financial institutions, investment funds, engineering companies, US National Labs, Governments and First Nations across North America. Our trusted approach has been developed and refined over a decade working closely with our clients and industry experts to ensure our reports provide clear, actionable insight and the necessary data and analysis required to understand and mitigate risk.

Featured Project:
Ecostrat, working together with Idaho National Laboratory (INL), is developing Biomass Supply Chain Risk Standards for the United States.

The primary objective of this project is to develop a framework of standards and certification protocols to allow companies in the biomass sector to clearly demonstrate the risk of their feedstock supply chain. The quantitative risk assessment architecture will provide the framework for the development of a set of standards, indicators, guidelines, and recommended methods and tools to quantify supply chain risks and to rank and rate those risks on an objective and accepted scale.