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Members Directory



Estuary Road King's Lynn
Norfolk PE30 2HH
01553 770092

Primary Category

AD equipment or plant supplier

Products & Services

Omex Environmental specialise in trace element additives, nutrients, anti-bulking agents and acid neutralisers for biological wastewater treatment and biogas plants. As well as pH control, the company’s range of products are designed to overcome potential problems that can occur with modern effluent and septicity treatment, including odour control, filamentous bulking, and COD removal.

Omex lab services based at its King’s Lynn laboratories include the analysis of most elements in inorganic treatment systems using a variety of techniques, such as ICP for metals (including essential trace elements and other metals), analysis for low and high concentrations of total nitrogen (Ammonia/Urea/Nitrogen), and a variety of other chemical and photometric techniques.

For anaerobic processes and biogas production, AMPTS (Automatic Methane Potential Test System) and essential trace element analysis are used for investigating anaerobic digestion and biogas production. Omex can predict the potential outcome of the addition of TEA (trace element additives) to a specific system to provide confidence before going to trial stage while also using AMPTS to improve formulations.


Established in 1976, Omex has developed into a dynamic group of companies operating throughout the world. 

The core competence of Omex lies in the manufacture of complex liquid formulations, particularly suspensions. These are produced from a variety of manufacturing sites: three in the UK, one in Belgium, one in California USA and one in Canada. 

Extensive trials and research programmes, often in conjunction with independent organisations and universities, have allowed Omex to develop its specialist knowledge of fluid dynamics into several different industries, ranging from agriculture to wastewater treatment.