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Members Directory


SGN Commercial Services

St Lawrence House, Station Approach Road Horley
Surrey RH6 9HJ
08000 44 50 55

Primary Category

Service providers

Products & Services

Injection Hub:
Are you a biogas producer that is unable to inject gas to the local grid?
We’ve developed the UK’s first ‘Injection Hub’ in Portsmouth, Hampshire to provide off-grid biogas producers a grid injection solution.

Benefits of an injection hub:
o Overcomes grid capacity constraints
o Fast download speeds in excess of 1200m3/hour
o Blending options to avoid propane use
o Accessible by multiple customers

Please contact us to enquire about how you can secure capacity at our Portsdown Hill facility or how we could support you in developing a new injection hub:

Biomethane to grid:
Are you building a biogas plant and need support meeting your gas-to-grid deadline?
Our highly experienced Green Gas Solutions team has successfully managed project delivery of over 25 biomethane-to-grid ventures throughout the UK. We have supported our customers through the whole project cycle from design, funding, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning through to stable operation.

We pioneered the first biogas to grid site as well as the first commercial plant in the UK. Over the years we have built strong relationships with all the gas networks and major equipment manufacturers.

We can help you manage all elements from biogas upgrader through to pipeline, including pressure control, propane injection, gas entry units and pipeline.

Our highly skilled Green Gas Solutions team provide comprehensive maintenance services to biomethane customers.
SGN Commercial Services have been leading the development of the UK Biomethane industry for over 10 years, supporting our customers through all project phases to the key deliverable of service stability.

Our experienced team have installed, commissioned, operated and maintained all clean-up plant technologies and gas entry units (GEU’s) currently being marketed today.

Our planned and responsive maintenance service provision includes:
o Biogas upgraders
o Grid entry units (GEU)
o Control and gas metering systems
o Safety and compliance


SGN Commercial Services are part of the SGN group who own and operate the gas distribution networks in the south of England, across Scotland and in the west of Northern Ireland.

As part of the SGN Group, our highly experienced team offer a wide-range of specialist and gas-related professional services, operating throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships, offering new and well-established clients unrivalled technical skills and experience with deep sector-knowledge.

Our safety-first culture provides bespoke commercial services and green gas solutions to our clients, allowing them to better meet their business needs today and in the future.

We are one of the UK’s leading authorities in green gas solutions, using our expertise and experience, we can develop bespoke design and build solutions, helping you make the most of the biomethane opportunity.

SGN Commercial Services’ investments in biomethane assets and projects has enabled over 100,000 customers to be supplied by green gas from the grid.

For more information about the financial, operational and environmental benefits of partnering with us on your project, please contact us:

Phone: 0800 044 5055