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Members Directory


SG Tech

12 Ha`melacha St Netanya, Israel

Primary Category

Products & Services

SGTech developed an accelerated chemical free anaerobic digestion (AD) process: Integrated Ecosystem Solution (IES). IES avoids the digestate formation, and produces treated wastewater permitted for discharge into the sewage system[1].

IES has the following 3 benefits on the ecosystem:

Air – reduces pollution from GHG (such as CH4, H2S, NH3 and N2O).
Water - reduces pollution to watershed or ground water from runoff of NO3, TP, Na+, Cl-.
Soil - reduces pollution from salinity deterioration and pathogen; provides the farmers with a better alternative to conventional ammonia based liquid fertilizer.

SGTech's IES technology is more cost effective, efficient and safer, than the current best available AD technologies. IES does not require additional chemicals, and has a much smaller environmental footprint, therefore, lowers the Capex and Opex expenses.

SGTech has a PCT in addition to a number of Patent applications across the world. SGTech will submit additional 4-5 patent applications during 2018.

SGTech is a technological developer company and will provide the developer/SPC the technology (i.e., providing the detailed design and install its proprietary software) in return to project lifetime royalties on the overall project revenues.

[1] According to the strict Israeli regulation


Sustainable Green Technologies (SGTech) is a multi-disciplinary R&D clean tech & renewable energy company, specializing in nutrient recovery, biogas solutions and water recycling for livestock. SGTech developed a game-changing chemical-free economical feasible waste treatment process that produces treated water at a quality suitable for sewage discharge. SGTech business model is to provide technology in return to project lifetime royalties on the revenues.