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Members Directory


FM BioEnergy (part of ForFarmers)

Unit 1, 15B Gelders Hall Road Shepshed
Leicestershire LE12 9NH
0871 704 3317

Primary Category


Products & Services

  • Biological Support

World class biogas specific laboratory and expert consultancy to assist operators in all aspects of biological management from commissioning to full operation and optimisation.

  • Nutritional Products

Bespoke trace element solutions to ensure healthy plant biology and specific additives for issues such as managing high nitrogen levels, H2S, low buffer capacity, poor substrate mixing and foaming.

  • Silage Additives

Biogas specific additives independently proven to minimise storage losses and create optimal acid profile to improve digestibility therefore increasing gas yield. In 2013 our products were used to treat 6,000,000t+ globally.

  • Gas Leakage Detection

Full survey of all plant and equipment to eliminate leaks, improving revenue, safety and environmental performance.


FM BioEnergy specialises in anaerobic digestion nutrition, delivering
optimum plant performance. We offer a range of biological services to
improve and optimise gas output, reduce the risk of process failures
and increase the return on your investment. Services include: full
biological support, laboratory analysis, consultancy, bespoke trace
elements, additives, enzymes, feedstock supply, seed supply, silage
additives and gas leakage detection.