AD show highlights huge fuel and emissions savings

This year the UK’s biggest dedicated anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas event, UK AD & Biogas (3-4 July, NEC Birmingham), will have a major focus on the opportunities in the gas vehicle market. Biomethane is an attractive fuel both economically and environmentally: Coca Cola’s biomethane vehicle trial in 2012 found reductions in fuel costs by 15%, particulate emissions by 97% and greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in comparison to diesel.

Free to attend, this two-day trade show and conference, organised by ADBA, has been designed to help AD operators and fleet managers understand the business case for anaerobic digestion and biomethane in transport, with tailored presentations answering questions on technology procurement, plant management, and how to make best use of the outputs generated by an AD plant.

Chris Nash, Chairman, Gasrec, said:

Major UK fleet operators – including our clients B&Q, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Coca Cola and UPS – are already benefitting from the use of biomethane as a vehicle fuel, which delivers savings in both cash and carbon and offers a future-proof road transport fuel solution.


As the UK gas vehicle market is growing rapidly, it is clear that the commercial vehicle transport sector is an area that all AD developers should be seriously looking at for their biogas production, and biomethane is a fuel that all fleet operators should be considering. UK AD & Biogas brings together all the relevant people and provides incredibly valuable information – it’s the perfect place to explore your biomethane options.

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, ADBA said:

Biomethane from biogas is one of the best ultra-low carbon domestically produced forms of gas and one of the few options for decarbonising heavy goods vehicles. Trials on biomethane vehicles have shown huge air quality and noise reduction benefits as well as the clear reduction in greenhouse gas emissions which come from using such a low carbon fuel.

You can register for UK AD & Biogas 2013 for free here.

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