ADBA Advisory Board discusses key industry topics

Last month we held our ADBA Industry Advisory Board meeting to gather the key points from industry experts on what the priorities for ADBA and the industry should be.

We had a wide-ranging discussion, with each board member giving three areas they'd like us to focus on.

What is often highlighted in these kinds of discussions is educating the general public, and in particular young people, on how anaeorbic digestion fits into the circular economy. Householders and politicians then may be more supportive in the long term. We need to get schools teaching on the topic, linking to the curriculum in subjects such as science.

Other topics include the challenge of the January 2020 date for gas grid connections under Tariff Guarantees, business rates, difficulties of getting Ofgem to approve feedstocks in the RHI, ammonia management, cost competitiveness, a vision tailored to each sector rather than the promotion of AD as a single package, securing access to feedstock and digestate management.

These were useful ideas that will feed-in to our business planning for our next financial year.

The Advisory Board will be meeting again in July.

Our Advisory Board conists of the following members:


  • Avril  Banks,  Ab-en 
  • Cath  Anthony,  Bidwells 
  • Neil  Liddell Young,  Severn Trent 
  • Graham  Southall,  Northumbrian Water 
  • Garry  Strange,  Thames Water 
  • Nigel  Lee,  Amur 
  • Johan  Ostlund,  Cooper Ostlund 
  • Jorgen  Ballerman,  Xergi 
  • Glenn  Carney,  Greenlane Biogas 
  • David  Hurren,  Air Liquide 
  • Tina  Hawke,  Cadent Gas 
  • Ian  Marshall,  Wales & West Utilities
  • Alan  Midwinter, SGN 
  • Charles  Banks,  Southampton University 
  • Sonia  Heavan,  Southampton University 
  • Carl  Gurney,  Jelf 
  • Phil  Gerrard,  Privilege Finance 
  • Thomas  Minter,  Malaby Biogas 
  • Mike  Falconer Hall,  WRAP
  • Alister  Veitch, Orsted
  • Mathew  Davies,  Environment Agency 
  • Kathryn  Nicholls,  Environment Agency 
  • Mike  Hanson,  Baxter Storey
  • Chris  Huhne  
  • Terrence  Brownhill, Stopford 

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