ADBA member Kirk Environmental to start Meary Veg WwTW project

ADBA member press release

KIRK ENVIRONMENTAL, part of the KIRK GROUP, will soon be starting a new project to extend the existing Waste Water Treatment Works at Meary Veg in the Isle Of Man.

KIRK will design, manufacture, supply and install four Glass-Fused-to-Steel storage tanks. This addition to the existing WwTW will enable the facility to import and store sludge and septic waste from satellite treatment works around the island. The sludge storage tanks will provide a means of both storing and gravity thickening the imported and indigenous sludge before it is transferred to the sludge treatment process.

The four tanks; two sludge storage tanks, one thickened sludge storage tank and one septic tank, all supplied complete with GRP roofs, will be constructed with TRIFUSION® grade Glass-Fused-to-Steel panels throughout. This tank technology will provide quick installation times to meet the projects requirements. The plant will benefit from high levels of corrosion resistance, low maintenance and proven design life, together with support the team at KIRK provide before, during and after project completion.

KIRK has already begun the design and manufacture process of the project, with construction expected to commence at the beginning of July 2013.

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