ADBA member Marches Biogas launches process optimisation service


As part of Marches Biogas’ ongoing commitment to anaerobic digestion (AD) process optimisation the company unveil in-depth analysis of feedstocks, digester biochemistry and digestate quality at its new purpose-built laboratory in Ludlow. The process optimisation service draws on Marches Biogas’ experience and understanding of the AD process.

The Marches Biogas process optimisation service provides AD plant owners and operators with specialist process analysis and monitoring. The service is bespoke to each AD plant and is suitable for all feedstocks and digester design.

Active biological monitoring of the AD process allows plant operators to maintain digester stability and detect trends that, if left unchecked, could lead to process issues. Optimum biogas production is achieved through an understanding of feedstocks, digester mixing, digester heating and the supply of nutrients and essential trace elements to micro-organisms.

The flexible service provides analysis of feedstocks, digester contents, digestate and biogas. Reports and recommendations, including trace element additives, are supplied to enhance and optimise digester health.

Marches Biogas’ service enables AD plant operators to:

  1. Optimise biogas output
  2. Maximise plant income
  3. Maximise feedstock efficiencies
  4. Optimise digester process health
  5. Maximise biofertiliser efficiencies

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