ADBA publish pipeline data

We have today published on our Market Analysis page a draft of our database on operational and forthcoming AD plants, including information on capacity, commissioning dates, planning status, feedstocks and location.

We hope that this will help members with their project planning and access to finance.

As with the other data on our website, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the data. For this set of data in particular, we have only included the plants we are aware of, which may be significantly fewer than the actual number of plants in the pipeline. We have more confidence in the number of plants closer to completion (e.g. plants with planning permission) than we do on those further away from completion (e.g. in feasibility stage/ pre-planning).

We would like members, if possible, to review the data and feed comments back to me, Ollie More, on or 020 3567 0751.

We hope to use any comments to get a realistic picture of the AD plant pipeline, which will allow us to make accurate estimates in a future document on the progress of AD against its potential.

We have also updated the Power Point slides on the Market Analysis page with the aggregated data so that members can see how the market is developing.

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