Anaerobic digestion flyer - how AD fits into government aims

We've produced a new flyer showing how AD fits into the current government's aims. 

Trying to summarise all the benefits of AD into two pages was not easy. 

A few key facts beyond all the environmental benefits include:

  • If all suitable UK feedstock was used to produce biogas through AD, displacing natural gas, the UK’s gas imports would fall by 16%, saving the UK £2bn per year at time when the UK is recording the largest trade deficit of any G7 economy.;
  • The UK already exports over £100m of AD equipment and expertise each year, with the potential for exports of over £2bn per year
  • By returning nutrients and organic matter to soils, AD plays a part in creating a circular food system in which nutrients are managed in a sustainable fashion, reducing the dependence on imports from countries such as Morocco, which holds 75% of the world’s phosphate deposits


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