Are you an AD operator looking for non-crop feedstock? The RSPB may have the answer

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) are carrying out a study on the use of wetland conservation biomass, found in their reserves across the country, for the generation of bioenergy. In the study, they are considering the use of anaerobic digestion (AD) to process a range of the wetland feedstocks from their reserves, including reed sweet-grass, common reed, mixed tall fen and soft rush, and are looking for AD operators to take this material.

To aid their study and encourage industry participation, the RSPB have published a map of the UK showing all RSPB reserves in the country. To access the map, click here, or by clicking on the image below.

(On the map, you can also select the biogas projects that are currently operational, according to the RSPB, though for a more up-to-date map, click here for the ADBA map)

If you are:

1) An AD operator,

2) Looking for non-crop feedstock for your plant,

3) And have a plant which is located close to one of the RSPB reserves (based on the above map)...

.... then this project could be of interest to you! The RSPB are trying to supply RSPB material to AD as part of their Wetland to Bioenergy project, and this could be the perfect opportunity to get hold of some non-crop feedstock for your AD plant.

If interested, please do get in touch with me (email:, phone: 020 3735 8115) or directly with Sally Mills from the RSPB, who is running the project (email:

If you are commissioning a new plant, this could be of particular interest, given the crop restrictions on the RHI and the FIT for new plants. All operators should understand the regulatory requirements and impacts of taking such feedstock.

The Wetland Conservation Biomass to Bioenergy report, published by the RSPB in July 2016 and funded by DECC (now BEIS), outlines the project in detail. Chapter 6.2. outlines the role of AD, including the following biogas potentials for their different wetland materials:

If you have any questions about the above, do get in touch: or 020 3735 8115.

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