Biogas shows potential to build on climate change progress


Responding to the release of the Committee on Climate Change’s 2013 annual progress report Charlotte Morton, chief executive, ADBA, said:

In difficult economic times, it’s the sustainable economy which is forging ahead: green businesses are outgrowing the rest of the economy and the AD industry alone grew by almost 50% last year. Our industry is on the road to delivering the carbon savings and renewable energy which we need to meet our targets for 2020 and 2050.


However, as the CCC’s annual progress report shows there is still a huge amount to do to meet these ambitions. The government needs to build on the progress which we have seen by providing long term certainty on renewable energy support, including through a 2030 power sector decarbonisation target.


We also need stronger coordination between departments to deliver policies which support our carbon and energy targets, for example through waste policy which supports source segregation and prioritises inedible organic waste for anaerobic digestion. With this in place, the AD industry could deliver a huge contribution to decarbonising difficult areas, such as emissions from farms and heavy goods vehicles.

The anaerobic digestion industry will discuss what is required in order for it to achieve its full potential at the industry trade show, UK AD & Biogas 2013, next week, 3-4 July, NEC Birmingham.

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