Biomethane Quality Protocol published

The Environment Agency, with support from WRAP, industry representatives including ADBA and funding from LIFE +, has developed a Quality Protocol for Biomethane which has been launched today.

The Quality Protocol (QP) sets out end of waste criteria for the production and use of biomethane arising from the degradation of organic wastes in a landfill site or anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. The QP enables the injection of the gas into the grid or use in an appliance suitably designed and operated for natural gas, without the need for waste regulatory controls.

“Biomethane to grid is an embryonic sector in the UK at present, with only a handful of trial projects in operation,” explains EA Environment & Business Manager Roger Hoare. “This is largely due to cost and regulatory barriers that exist, one of which is the waste status of biogas from landfill and AD. This QP provides a route to overcoming this barrier.”

The Quality Protocol is applicable immediately in England and Wales, and is available to download here.

ADBA has responded publicly to the launch, saying: “Biomethane has huge potential as a form of renewable energy which can decarbonise hard-to-reach areas such as industrial processes, heating and road transport. The Quality Protocol will help developers and operators by giving greater certainty around waste controls, so ADBA welcomes its publication. On behalf of the industry we would also to thank the Environment Agency and all the other bodies involved in developing the QP for their work.”

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