Call for papers: R&I Forum 2017

R&I Forum 2017

On 28-29 March 2017 ADBA will be hosting its annual Research and Innovation Forum (R&I Forum) in The Building Centre, London*. The event aims are to:

  • Build awareness of research activities and potential for industry.
  • Build awareness of industry challenges and opportunities for research in the AD sector.
  • Encourage an environment to share ideas and discuss developments in R&I.

We encourage academics, researchers and innovators in the AD sector to apply. Please note we will not accept sales pitches for technology as our aim is to explore the challenges, opportunities and developments in the sector.

Key dates

  • 18 October 2016: deadline for submission of papers
  • 28 October 2016: launch of programme and key speakers announced
  • 28 – 29 March 2017: ADBA R&I Forum 2017


Topics of interest for the R&I Forum may include, but are not limited to the following areas (if you have other research that is relevant to the sector, please also send this to us):

  • Trace elements

Research and innovation into trace elements are critical to optimising digestion and improving process stability. We are looking for speakers who are either in research or industry to discuss their findings and experiences of solving challenges.

  • AD in biorefining

Many global corporations are now looking to reduce their reliance on fossil-derived chemicals for their products. AD can be used to produce value-added bio-chemicals. Will AD take this opportunity, or will other processes and technologies fill the gap?  

  • Use of digestate

One thing the AD industry already produces in abundance is digestate. What research is being undertaken to develop products which maximise nutrient uptake by plants, while minimising the storage, transport and spreading cost? What novel applications can digestate be used for?

  • AD research in international development

AD has huge potential across the globe. We are looking for speakers with experience of AD research or innovation in developing countries to talk about their experiences, and the challenges and opportunities they came across through the project or research stages.

  • Speeding up hydrolysis

Cows hydrolyse crops 30 times faster than tanks. How can the hydrolysis process be sped up, delivering energy from existing feedstocks faster, or reducing the spatial requirements of tanks?

How to Apply

Your application should be a one page summary of a full paper or a short paper (work-in-progress report). Your submission will be reviewed by ADBA staff, with a view to having a good variety of talks throughout the forum. Please include the following information with your application:


Job title:


Email address:

Best contact number:


*London venue is subject to change.

[Please note we will not cover expenses. Lunch/ refreshments etc. for speakers are provided]

Please submit the summary of your paper to and contact Emma if you have any questions. 

Any Questions?

Please contact:

Emma Thomas, 0203 735 8118

Ollie More, 020 3567 0751 

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