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Tanlake Flowmetering has been trading for in excess of 20 years and is based in the West Country on the outskirts of Bristol.  The Company specialises in the Supply, Maintenance and Calibration of Flowmeter systems to both Agriculture and Industry. Further information can be found on the website

Tanlake Flowmetering has been involved with Codlaw Farming in Northumberland for many years on the Farming side, supplying Flowmeters and specialist computer systems to facilitate accurate slurry spreading onto farmland.

Recently when a problem occurred in the Anaerobic Digester Plant involving a faulty Flowmeter, the onsite electrician Glenn Nattrass Electrical Limited of Hexham called on Tanlake for advice and assistance. The timing was not good as it was at the onset of Coronavirus restrictions and travelling to site was not practical.  The detailed exchange of information between Glenn Nattrass Electrical and John Burnham of Tanlake ensured that the faulty Meter was identified, the problem diagnosed and the remedy formulated.

The new replacement Siemens Mag 3100 x 8” Flowmeter was ordered and duly wired and programmed in the Tanlake Workshops in Bristol, prior to dispatch to the Plant where it was installed.

That was the easy bit as Glenn had to wire the new Meter using the old one as a pattern being there were no records of the initial installation available.  Once done, long telephone conversations between Glenn and John was necessary to work out the software programming in order to integrate the new Flowmeter into the existing computer system.

Eventually this was successfully achieved and the equipment is now working correctly. Needless to say comprehensive installation notes are now available in the event of a repeat failure.


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