CTEC Energy boosts engine efficiency with revolutionary heat recovery system


CTEC EnergyCTEC Energy has commissioned its first heat recovery unit at Swancote Energy’s 2 MW anaerobic digester facility at Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

The unit captures exhaust gas from its host engine to generate electrical power – up to 12% of its hosts output. It can also recover a significant amount of high-grade thermal energy. This can be used in various industrial processes such as pasteurisation, heating glass-houses, drying biomass, domestic and factory heating, or powering chilling units.

CTEC first met Swancote Energy’s management team in early 2012. After extensive due diligence into the available options Swancote decided to select CTEC as the most efficient heat recovery unit on the market today.

Mike Burns, Managing Director at CTEC said:

Recovering thermal energy will become the industry standard for increasing the efficiency of internal combustion engines. Efficient heat transfer and working at higher temperatures enables us to generate unparalleled performance.

 Ian Farr, Sales Director of Edina UK, supplier of Swancote’s engines commented:

The CTEC unit marries very well, there’s no question of additional back-pressure or any interruption to the performance of the engine. The interface of the CTEC unit with our engine unit was pre-designed and part installed before delivery so that disruption to operation was minimised. It’s a good neighbour – quiet, efficient and unobtrusive!

Voith Turbo, Europe’s major engineering multinational, supplies CTEC with their SteamTrac expander (steam engine). Close collaboration with Mike Burns helped shape development of this remarkable steam expander.

Jüergen Berger from Voith Turbo comments:

Voith is very pleased to partner with CTEC. We highly value the significant benefits available from optimising heat recovery and CTEC’s leading contribution to maximising efficiency from our jointly developed units.

CTEC is actively exploring opportunities for its heat recovery units in the anaerobic digestion market across Europe. It has already licensed its technology to partners in France and Italy with whom it has agreed distribution deals. Response from the French and Italian markets has been swift and enthusiastic.

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