DECC must use Energy Bill agreement to give certainty and prompt decarbonisation


Reacting to Ed Davey’s announcement on energy policy this morning  [23 Nov] Charlotte Morton, ADBA, chief executive, said:

The government’s decision to kick the 2030 decarbonisation target into the long grass is disappointing – as the CCC has said, Electricity Market Reform needs to ensure early decarbonisation of the power sector – but industry will be relieved that the Energy Bill is moving forward.


In the absence of a 2030 target, DECC need to use the agreement on the levy control framework to give long term certainty to renewable energy investors on the future of incentives.


It is only through clear long term policy that the AD industry and other renewables can deliver their potential, which includes £2-3bn a year of green gas such as that now being injected into the grid on a commercial scale following the opening of Poundbury this week.

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