DECC's positive case for renewables welcome - Redesdale


Environmental Parliamentarian of the Year Lord Redesdale today [18 May] welcomed the government’s acknowledgement of the vital role that renewable technologies have to play in keeping household energy bills under control.

Speaking following the publication of an Oxford Economics report which demonstrates that Britain’s sensitivity to energy price shocks could be minimised through renewables deployment.

Ed Davey, Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change said:

Every step the UK takes towards building a low-carbon economy reduces our dependency on fossil fuels, and on volatile global energy prices


This is about building a more resilient economy and providing more stable energy prices for the generations that follow us.

 ADBA Chairman Lord Redesdale has welcomed the statement, commenting that:

I am pleased that Ed Davey is making the positive case for renewable energy, which we need to protect UK households from the rising cost of oil.


Firm support for renewable technologies is essential if Britain is to meet our binding climate change targets and deliver economic growth - and biogas should be at the heart of this as a flexible, constantly generated fuel.


Alongside the potential to meet over 10% of our domestic gas demand, generating biogas from anaerobic digestion could support 35,000 jobs and deliver a significant part of the green growth which we need to grow the economy.


‘We now need Government to join up policies across renewable energy, farming and recycling to ensure that we realise the full potential of our waste and bioenergy resources.

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