Electricity Market Reform must encourage low carbon investment


Reacting to the government’s energy white paper and 2020 renewables roadmap, published today     [12 July], ADBA Chairman and Lib Dem peer Lord Redesdale said:

We welcome the publication of the government’s Electricity Market Reform proposals.


It is vital for the UK to meet its climate change goals, and there is a lot of work for government and industry still to do to ensure that energy generation loses its reliance on fossil fuels.


As the Renewables Obligation is phased out and replaced with the new FiT Contract for Difference, it is vital that renewable industries like AD are given as much certainty as possible.


Investors are already concerned about the effect of changes in policy, so government needs to ensure that it gives consistent messages that reassure UK plc that they are committed to support for technologies like AD which deliver the best carbon and financial value in helping to meet the UK’s Climate Change legal obligations and other strategic requirements.

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