Energy Minister visits AD plant

Energy & Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry has visited an AD plant to celebrate Green Great Britain & Northern Ireland Week. 

Ms Perry visited Bromham House Farm in Wiltshire, where £9 million has been invested into green energy production. An anaerobic digester there converts grain and organic waste (including beer waste from Wadworth Brewery) into biogas. With the main gas pipeline running adjacent to the A342 in Bromham, the biogas produced at Bromham House Farm is piped directly into the national grid, whilst biomethane fuels Waitrose, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s lorries and 500kw electricity is generated to run the farm and feed into the grid. 

You can read more about the visit here.

ADBA has been engaging with Ms Perry and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy on securing long-term support for renewable heat and electricity, to which AD in the UK can make an enormous contribution.

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