Energy security increasingly worrying public, DECC survey shows

Concerns over energy supply and climate change are becoming ever more important issues in the public’s eyes, with 53% identifying these two areas as one of the top three challenges the UK is facing – up by 10% since respondents were surveyed last year.

DECC’s latest public attitudes tracking survey also shows that support for renewables remains robust, with 80% supporting the use of renewables and 70% believing renewables provide economic benefits for the UK.

Energy security remains a critical issue for most people, with 86% concerned about steep rises in energy prices in future while 71% now worry that the UK is becoming too dependent on imported energy.

These results demonstrate that there should be a public receptiveness to the benefits that biogas can deliver - delivering a renewable gas which can meet up to 10% of the UK’s domestic gas demand, cutting the need for imported gas while helping to decarbonise a number of areas such as farming, transport and the gas grid and hence tackling climate change.

The full results of the survey are available here.

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