Food waste AD success for Cannington with Landia's pumps and mixers


Hard-wearing chopper pumps and mixers from Landia are playing a vital role in the 2.5 MW of electricity generated at a leading recycling and food waste management specialists, based in Somerset.

[caption id=“attachment_19509” align=“alignleft” width=“324”] Tim Roe (left) and Mike Roe from Cannington[/caption]

Wall-mounted mixers and a range of submersible and high pressure chopper pumps from Landia are in operation across three digesters and a 350-tonne pasteuriser at Cannington Bio Energy’s AD plant, which converts a wide range of food and organic waste into renewable energy.



Tim Roe, Co-founder and Director at Cannington, said:

Landia’s equipment performs extremely well, and is very low on maintenance. The chopper pumps simply get on with the job, even though we have quite a mix of feedstock, including food waste and industrial waste, at our 24/7 operation.

First established as a potato storage company in 1997, Bridgwater-based and family-run Cannington has developed into a thriving cold store, recycling and bio energy business, using 600 kW of the energy it produces on site, with the remainder exported to the national grid.

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