Gate fee survey: last chance to have your say

WRAP's annual gate fee survey closes this week - if you're a food waste operator and haven't yet had your say, please do participate here.

Recording higher quality information about the current market is vital to help government make better policy decisions. We have shared members' concerns about the type of information collected in the survey in the past, and particularly how it is presented and used. Typically, previous surveys have included historic waste contracts which mean that they overstate the gate fees found in the current market. This can be misleading to developers, investors and policy makers - as we saw most visibly during the RHI biomethane tariff review in 2014. WRAP have understood this issue, but we will continue to work with them in order to present the information in the clearest possible way. 

ADBA is also working with WRAP, NNFCC and other industry partners to pull together information for the Annual Survey of the Organics Recycling Industries. We will be in contact with operating members about this shortly. 

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