Industry and academia discuss the future of AD


The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association’s inaugural Research and Development Forum has brought representatives of industry and research institutions together to discuss the future of anaerobic digestion, and how they can work together to maximise the industry’s potential.

The ADBA event is hosted by the Environmental Technology iNet and the University of the West of England, and supported by the Environmental and Sustainability and Biosciences KTNs. It is taking place across two days from 1-2 November, with high profile speakers from government, industry and universities.

ADBA Chief Executive Charlotte Morton said:

Meeting the UK’s waste and energy targets requires a heroic effort to increase the uptake of anaerobic digestion. The AD industry needs to collaborate with academics to learn from their research, and help direct future research to where it is most needed.


The Research and Development Forum provides the perfect opportunity for discussions between industry professionals and academics, which should provide insight into the most proactive way of increasing the implementation and development of AD plants in the UK.


Mutual benefits for academics and industry could include accelerating research and development, ensuring it is targeted and commercialised, and influencing the production of innovative technology and techniques.

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