MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: CAPITA-PROjEN AD plant optimisation service

CAPITA-PROjEN is pleased to advise that it is launching its enhanced and updated version of PROjEN ADvisor, AD plant optimisation service at UK AD Biogas. The new optimisation tool is being launched as PROjEN AD Pilot+.

The new enhanced software and support services will be available for viewing on the CAPITA PROjEN stand E219.

CAPITA PROjEN’s Energy & Environmental team is comprised of industry experts with over 60 years' combined experience in AD Biology, Design, Build, Commissioning and Optimisation. As well as designing award winning AD plants, we are often called upon to ‘rescue’ failing plants or enhance existing plant efficiency. We have applied this AD experience and knowledge to create an innovative AD improvement service designed to optimise even well-performing AD plants and resolve a range of common AD problems including:

  • Less than expected biogas production
  • Variable biogas quality
  • Excessive foaming
  • Feed and additives costing too much
  • Poor return on investment
  • Process inhibition
  • Operator training needed

If you require booking a time slot with our team or require further information please don’t hesitate to email

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