MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Foodex 2016 - Clearfleau demonstrates how manufacturers can turn production

Award-winning British company Clearfleau, the leading UK-based provider of on-site anaerobic digestion (AD) solutions for food and beverage companies including Nestlé and Diageo, is exhibiting on Stand E301 at Foodex 2016, NEC Birmingham (18 - 20 April 2016).  Richard Gueterbock of Clearfleau will be involved in two seminar discussions on renewable energy in the food sector on 18th and 20th April.

At Foodex, Clearfleau will showcase projects and activities in the dairy, confectionery, vegetable, beverage and biofuel sectors.  Food and beverage manufacturers are starting to realise that their production residues are a source of renewable energy rather than just an unwanted overhead and there is increasing interest in accessing this energy potential. 

Growing recognition of the need for decentralised energy generation on manufacturing sites is challenging traditional, often energy intensive methods of handling production residues on manufacturing sites.   On-site anaerobic digestion (AD) will convert bio-degradable residues into energy for use in the factory and can offer an attractive investment return.

Companies across the food and beverage manufacturing sector can deploy on-site anaerobic digestion, to reduce fossil fuel bills, cut effluent disposal costs, eliminate off-site transport of residues and reduce carbon emissions.  There is also scope for recycling water once the bio-solids have been converted into energy.  On-site AD can provide a cost effective, sustainable solution with a payback in under 5 years based on savings and incentives.

At Foodex Clearfleau will be showcasing its latest project for First Milk, the first ‘gas to grid’ bio-energy plant in the UK and Europe based on dairy production residues. 

The Lake District Biogas plant, treats trade effluent and whey permeate and will be generating 1000m3/ day of biogas, 80% of which will be upgraded for injection to the national gas grid, from where some of the gas will power the site’s boilers.  Located on First Milk’s cheese creamery in the Lake District, the bio-energy plant will reduce the site’s annual fossil fuel energy consumption by 25%.   It is the first on-site AD plant in the European dairy sector feeding biogas into the grid based solely on treating fatty residues from cheese making.

Foodex is the premier trade event for the food and drink supply chain.  It focuses on the manufacturing, processing, packaging, ingredients and logistics sectors and is attended by senior professionals across the industry.  Foodex highlights developments in technology, including renewable energy supply plus energy efficiency and carbon reduction technologies.

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