MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Gas promoting silage additive gains national recognition

Following independent testing in Germany silage additive, SILASIL ENERGY, has been awarded a unique quality label in recognition of its impact on energy capture from silage.

More than forty tests, undertaken across various research institutes in Germany, proved that a distinctive fermentation acid pattern occurred when using the silage additive, increasing silage gas yields and silage stability.

As a result of the tests the German Agricultural Society (DLG) has now issued SILASIL ENERGY with the very first quality assurance label for silage additives proving the claim that methane production is boosted in silage used for biogas generation.

FM BioEnergy Business Development Manager, Tim Elsome, said:

As the only UK approved suppliers of SILASIL ENERGY, we are delighted that its performance has been recognised by the DLG.

We have been really impressed with the product’s ability to reduce heat and dry matter losses in clamped silage. This has resulted in improved energy capture rates and up to 10% more methane being produced compared to untreated silage.

Whilst SILASIL has been formally recognised as helping to increase levels of methane production, it provides many other benefits for bioenergy producers.

These include a specific strain of inoculant to control mould contamination in forage so reducing any antibiotic effect in the fermenter, as well as a specific profile which helps control spoilage organisms; resulting in reduced waste and lower DM losses.

Tim added:

FM BioEnergy offer a range of feedstock, silage additives, process additives, biological support and gas leakage services to help operators of AD plants gain more control and increase methane yield in order to improve return on investment.

Our partnership with SILASIL producers, SCHAUMANN BioEnergy, and the UK wide provision of this unique silage additive, complements our commitment to helping improve the efficiency and output of AD plants.

For additional information contact:

Tim Elsome, FM BioEnergy Business Development Manager

T: +44 (0)7802 173130 or E:

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