MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: New products launched by SEEPEX at UK AD & Biogas 2015

BTEX – a new pump for heavy duty applications:

SEEPEX have launched a new addition to their open hopper range of progressive cavity pumps – the BTEX pump for conveying and mixing heavy sludges and biogas feedstock.  The BTEX was designed to improve product handling for customers whose raw materials may contain stones, or even pieces of metal.  In a BTEX pump these objects are separated out in the hopper and can be removed via the large inspection hatches.

The pump auger has a special pitch to ensure optimum product feed and mixing action. Liquids can be added to this product feed if needed via multiple inlets in the pump hopper.  A full liquid addition, mixing and control system is available, encompassing a BTEX pump for high solids, a BN range pump for liquid addition, and a control panel to control the addition rates of the liquid to ensure optimums is achieved.  Level controls, dry running protection and pressure monitoring complete the pump protection system.

SEEPEX view this robust, easy to maintain, pump as a valuable addition to their range for customers who have feedstock with high solids or with physical contaminants.

2-Stage Smart Conveying Technology:

The concept of Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) was first launched eight years ago and over that time it has revolutionised progressive cavity pump maintenance – that’s what customers say anyway!  And now SEEPEX have launched 2-stage SCT for applications up to 8 bar discharge pressure.  This patented design has the same features as 1-stage SCT but with more ‘oomph’!

1-stage SCT and 2-stage SCT have many benefits in common, all of them proven in many different applications and industries, and recognised with 3 international awards for innovation.  These benefits are additional to reduced spare parts costs and up to 85% lower maintenance time.

Proven customer benefits:

  • Pumps fitted with SCT give up to 25% energy savings compared to conventional design progressive cavity pumps
  • Stator halves can be adjusted as they wear, gaining up to 200% longer stator life and reducing maintenance interventions.
  • Planned predictive maintenance becomes a reality removing unplanned downtime
  • Blockages and rags can be removed by only removing one half of the stator.
  • Ragging is less frequent as the stator can ‘pass’ them more efficiently
  • Health and Safety requirements can be reduced by lighter components

The end result; productivity is improved by reduced downtime and faster maintenance.

2-Stage SCT is a valuable addition to SEEPEX's range to deliver improved performance and lowest life-cycle costs for our customers.

If you would like more information on SCT and 2-stage SCT in particular then please contact for more information or to arrange a SEEPEX visit.

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