Monsal announced as finalist for two prestiguous awards


Monsal are delighted to announce that we have been announced as a finalist for Nottingham Post 2013 ‘Company of the Year’ award.

Monsal is now the UK’s leading company in the provision of sophisticated organic waste to energy plants that convert waste that may otherwise be landfilled into renewable gas and energy.

It has taken the company over five years to develop and commercialise the technology which is now being used by waste management companies all across the UK.

Aidan Cumiskey, managing director, Monsal said:

We have successfully attracted significant investment to get this technology to market, which runs into millions of pounds in the recent difficult economic times and we work very closely with local suppliers and service providers who are a key part of our operation. The success of our company in this climate demonstrates the market potential for the technology. It’s good for the region and our supply chain that we can see sustained growth ahead in these uncertain times.

Monsal have doubled the business turnover in the last few years and the target is to double the business again in the next three years. That will mean increased jobs, which are high quality engineering/technology based and also increased workload for the local manufacturing sector which Monsal have traditionally relied on.

Monsal have also been shortlisted for the Excellence in Science and Technology award for the development of the Monsal Biowaste process.

The UK produces approximately 15 million tonnes of organic waste per year in the form of food waste from homes, factories, shops and restaurants. Currently a large proportion of this waste is sent to landfill where it produces greenhouse gases. The Nottinghamshire based Monsal are the UK’s leading supplier of Advanced Anaerobic Digestion technology and have developed an innovative process for converting unavoidable food waste from food manufacturing and kitchen scraps into a renewable ‘biogas’ which is in turn converted to electricity, heat, ‘biomethane’ or vehicle fuel. Employing high skilled engineers from the local area, Monsal has developed a class leading process that can receive heavily packaged food waste and produce exceptionally high levels of renewable energy and a sustainable natural fertiliser (digestate).

“We want to help promote the Nottinghamshire region as a centre of excellence for Green Energy. This includes tapping into the famous engineering pedigree of the region to provide capability for the “new” economies such as Green Energy. We are excited about the future, there are not many sectors that are growing at over 10% per annum and Notts based companies like Monsal can play a leading national and international role”.

2013 has been a pivotal year for Monsal with significant commercial opportunities in UK, Europe and Asia now appearing. The company signed their 5th large project in February which will convert local food waste to energy and their 4th, a state-of the-art project in Somerset for Viridor, will treat the food waste created by over 500,000 people or twice the size of Nottingham city putting renewable energy back into the grid.

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