New anaerobic digestion and compost survey in Scotland

A survey of the Scottish AD and composting sectors is about to start. There have been significant developments in this industry in recent years, especially with the recent increase in on-farm AD sites. 

This project is being delivered by Enscape Consulting and partner organisations Solidsense Ltd and Cambridge Eco Ltd. A member of the project team will be contacting sites in due course to carry out this survey, to collect data and discuss issues and opportunities for site managers. The resultant report will describe how the sectors are changing, and what the opportunities are for future growth and development. Moreover, the project will provide vital data to allow the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland to understand how policy and support will impact, and can be directed across the different sectors, to assist in growing Scotland's bio-economy.

If you manage an AD or composting site we hope that you will be able to take some time to participate in this important project. For more information and to register your interest in participating please contact Brian Menzies at Enscape (01569 764883, 0775 270 0939 or

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