Potential benefits of biomethane huge, says Norman Baker


Speaking at the UK’s first Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Conference, City Hall, Sustainable Transport Minister Norman Baker said:

The potential benefits of using biogas are huge so it is pleasing to see events like this taking place and raising its profile.


We are continuing to drive down carbon emissions in transport, and fleet vehicles is an area where we are making good progress. As part of that I announced today that £5m will be available to local authorities to upgrade buses with pollution-reducing technologies such as cleaner engines or exhaust after-treatment equipment. Last week I also announced a further £12m for new green buses.


Improving air quality remains an important issue for the coalition government.

The Minister also said he was “delighted” that the Gas Vehicle Refuelling Hub was being launched at the conference and that he is working with colleagues across government on making the most of resources such as biomethane from waste.

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive at ADBA, said:

Biomethane from biogas is one of the few options for decarbonising heavy goods vehicles. Trials on biomethane vehicles have shown huge air quality and noise reduction benefits as well as the clear reduction in greenhouse gas emissions which come from using such an ultra low carbon fuel.


For the sector to develop we need to ensure waste and bioenergy policies to deliver the feedstock the AD industry needs to produce biogas, and renewable incentives that will drive the production and use of biomethane in vehicles. The UK Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Conference brings together the key decision makers who will be taking this market forward in the coming years.

John Ingram, Freight and Logistics Specialist at the Transport Knowledge Transfer Network, said:

We are delighted that we can help to raise the awareness of the benefits and opportunities that biomethane and gas can offer the sector.  We look forward to continuing to promote and facilitate further collaboration that will develop the unique role these alternative fuels have to play in fuelling the UK’s vehicle fleets in the future.

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