PRESS STATEMENT: Green gas industry responds to fracking court ruling

Responding to the High Court’s ruling that key aspects of the government’s national planning policy on fracking are unlawful, Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive of the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association, said:

This ruling tells us what we all already knew: that fracking is not a clean, long-term, or viable solution to meeting our energy needs in the UK.


Rather than letting fracking firms drill underneath our homes and national parks to extract climate-change-driving fossil fuels, ministers should be focusing their efforts on facilitating the production of green biogas, which can be produced from organic wastes such as inedible food waste, manures and slurries, and sewage.


Biogas can not only be used to produce renewable electricity but can also be upgraded to biomethane and used to decarbonise the gas grid or used as a clean transport fuel for heavy vehicles such as HGVs and buses.


As if this isn’t enough, biogas technologies also reduce emissions from those organic wastes, improve soil health and food security through producing nutrient-rich natural fertiliser, and provide energy security that doesn't rely on fossil-fuel extraction.


The sooner the government realises that fracking is a no-goer and puts its efforts into renewables such as biogas, the better for everyone across the UK – both now and in the future.



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