Raleigh International and ADBA launch global biogas programme


Raleigh International and the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA) are working together to increase awareness about the benefits of anaerobic digestion – a natural process that can provide a source of renewable energy. It converts organic matter such as household food and garden waste, into energy that can then be used for cooking and heating. The aim of the partnership is to raise awareness about the benefits that anaerobic digestion can provide across the globe.

The partnership will be launched tonight at the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association’s annual exhibition and conference dinner and and will urge organisations to get involved by sending groups of employees on an organised trip with youth and sustainable charity Raleigh. Teams will live and work together in remote communities to install biogas plants, developing skills in leadership, teamwork and cultural awareness as well as gaining an understanding of anaerobic digestion and the positive impact it can have on the community and the environment.

Raleigh has been running the programme since 2010 and has already installed 15 biogas units with the help of employees from Airbus.

Tom Enders, Airbus President and CEO said:

This is social entrepreneurship working well, taking the best of business acumen and applying it to a non-commercial initiative…knowing that what your employees get out of it they will bring back into the business.

Stacey Adams, Raleigh’s CEO commented:

We are delighted to be working in partnership with ADBA. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help us to expand on our existing biogas projects.

With ADBA, our goal is to generate more interest and understanding of anaerobic digestion and the positive impact it can have not only to the marginalised communities that we working with but also globally by reducing the need for non-renewable energy.

Charlotte Morton, CEO of ADBA, said:

This is an exciting project which will bring cheap renewable energy to communities around the world who will really benefit from it. It will also help promote the many benefits of anaerobic digestion – for treating waste, producing gas and returning valuable nutrients to soil.

About Raleigh

Raleigh International is a youth and sustainable development charity that works with volunteers from all ages and backgrounds to undertake worthwhile environmental and community projects. Since Raleigh was established in 1984, the charity has supported more than 35,000 people through its expeditions.

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