Research and Innovation Forum - closing for bookings Monday

Bookings for our sixth Research and Innovation (R&I) Forum will be closing on Monday 4 April at 6pm.

We have an excellent line-up of speakers with over 80 peer-reviewed journal articles published between them. We're also delighted that so many operators have chosen to both speak at the event and engage as delegates. With representatives from Biogen, Future Biogas, the Isle of Wight biomethane project, Clayton Hall Farm, Scottish Water, Thames Water, United Utilities, Singleton Birch, QUBE Renewables and Muntons, it promises to be a lively debate. We always have a lively mix of academics at the Forum and we're keen to see the interactions between these and the industry representatives.

Anyone who read my blog on cost competitivenss last week will have seen how research and innovation in the sector is key, along with four other actions, to the industry being able to deliver power for £100/ MWh by 2020. Advances in microbiology are key (which is a focus of day one of the Forum), as are improvements in the value of digestate (a focus of day two). We've included a session on what operators feel are the research priorities for the industry, and we look forward to hearing from Muntons and QUBE Renewables on what the next steps should be.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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