Research & innovation (R&I) Forum 2016 - are you innovating?

We at ADBA want to hear from all the innovators in the sector. What technologies will change the sector?

As an industry, we now need to innovate to continue to grow. Your industry needs you!

And we want to showcase the best industry-changing research and innovation at our annual Research & Innovation (R&I) Forum on April 6th and 7th.  See here for all the details.

Some of the questions we might want to be asking speakers this year are:

  • Will power-to-methane be the cheapest renewable form of energy storage for heat supply in 2030?

  • Can tank AD produce as much methane as cow AD?

  • Can you build an AD plant for £100k? What research could support this?

  • What new materials could reduce the capital cost of building AD plants?

  • Is AD the most cost-effective treatment technology for high-lignin feedstocks?

  • What feedstock pre-treatment processes can improve yields, reduce costs and improve digestate?

  • How can struvite and other concentrated fertilisers be extracted from digestate? Will they ever become the norm?

  • What technologies can support the use of poultry manure in AD?

  • If you had £10m to fund a demonstration biorefinery – what products would you make and how would it look?

  • What funding is available or should be available to support R&D in the AD sector?

  • Can clean water be a valuable output from AD?

  • What are the challenges of AD in tropical countries? And what are the research needs?

  • What are the challenges of AD in developing countries? And what are the research needs?

  • Can AD crops be grown on arid and semi-arid land unsuitable for food crops?

 If you are a researcher or company that can answer any of the questions above, see our Call for Papers here and tell us about the impact you could make. Otherwise - save the dates for the Forum!

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