Show marks big week for AD - Lord Redesdale


Anaerobic digestion is central to getting Britain back on track with climate change targets, according to the industry’s representative body, which is holding its annual trade show and conference on 6-7 July 2011.

ADBA Chairman and Liberal Democrat peer Lord Redesdale said:

The CCC’s third progress report showed how anaerobic digestion can make a serious contribution to the UK’s energy future – and delivering this is a key focus of UK AD & Biogas 2011 this week.


CCC Chairman David Kennedy recognised at the report launch that biomethane from AD has the potential to make a serious – and cost effective – contribution to renewable heat by replacing gas in the grid.


Anaerobic digestion plants are one of the few sources of renewable energy which can be scaled-up quickly enough to make a serious difference to 2020 targets – and with a potential contribution of up to 20% of the UK’s domestic gas, AD needs to be taken far more seriously.


This potential is, however, dependent on the source segregation and collection of food and other organic wastes from households, food processors, retailers and restaurants.  Industry is resourceful and is already learning to do this at less cost than now. However, we need the government to send a clear message that this is the goal, otherwise local authorities and waste producers will continue to landfill this valuable resource or send it to incinerators.


The importance of getting food waste into AD – which the government has recognised brings the most environmental benefits of any treatment option – is underlined by the CCC’s target for carbon emissions from electricity generation. At 11g of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour generated, AD is significantly under the 50g target and far better than incineration, which even at its best emits over 300g/kWh.


Biogas from AD has the added benefit of flexibility. It can replace gas in the grid, generate electricity and heat or power motor vehicles, particularly HGVs and waste trucks which cannot be powered by electricity. Biogas is also generated constantly and can be stored in the gas grid, unlike other renewables.  UK AD & Biogas 2011 will highlight what the industry needs to achieve its potential and maximise its contribution to the UK.

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